Volunteer Day – Saturday 4th November 2017

Normally we are blessed by having such good weather when we do our volunteer sessions and open days, but today looked definitely wet! But despite the greyness, a dozen volunteers and committee members turned up this morning.

The leaves are finally falling and turning yellows, browns with the odd red here and there. When you arrive in to The Glade, the large lime tree immediately as you enter looked magnificent, leaves falling to the ground but still with plenty of colour.

The below photos show leave covered footpaths, along with the autumnal atmosphere.

Fungi on rotting wood can be seen now, a good sign that the local ecosystem is at work, recycling nutrients that can be found.

The pond, despite a bit of pondweed on top continues to look healthy, there was the sound of something jumping in the water when the pond photo was taken. It’s a tribute to how well it was built in that it’s never needed to be topped up with water in the 18 months or so it’s been in place. And despite the cold and wet weather, there was a fair bit of bee activity around the hives too.

The usual weeding took place, with bramble behind the wildflower area in The Glade taking a pounding, but also bluebells and 10 Solomon’s Seal bulbs were added. The cold an wet weather didn’t slow down the progress here!

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