Volunteer Morning – Saturday 1st June 2024

We are already halfway through the year, how time is flying! The brighter days 9although not necessarily warmer) have resulted in an explosion of plant growth. The entrance area is now a dense patch of hogweeds. As can be seen below, although not in flower just yet, they’ll attract an abundance of bees, insects and hoverflies.

The usual work activities took place. Bramble “bashing” took place in the mini Glade area, assisted once again by the local Good Gym from Charlton. Below shows an area that was quickly taken over by bramble to the detriment of other less invasive species. Committee member Chris Bates and Pip O’Byrne can be seen weeding the areas.

The pond is looking good, with full water levels. Last month’s Spring Open Day saw newts being recorded in the pond as well as froglets being released here a few days ago. The yellow iris plants are doing very well.

At the woodland entrance, tall spikes of foxgloves are now in full flower, including the less-often-seen white-flowered variety. These plants were self seeded; it’s great to see nature helping out in the woodland!

Other activities included maintaining the tree nursery and planting more saplings on the edge border including hornbeams.

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