Volunteer Day – Saturday 6th January 2018

The first volunteer session of 2018 took place last Saturday morning. Despite the temperature of just 4 degrees, several committee members and volunteers arrived. Today’s theme was to assess potential projects for later in the year, taking advantage of the dry weather and trees that have lost leaves to consider new places for new trees to be situated, as well as thoughts on new areas that can be planted up.

Although winter has only just started, already in places there were signs of Spring flowering plants already starting to appear, including the bluebells and primroses we’ve previously planted. We also found a foxglove which looks like it has arrived without being planted, a good sign of the potential seed-bank in the “mini Glade” area.

In the main Glade area, our 3 beehives showed no sign of activity, not too surprising given that the temperature was just above zero. The pond looks in a healthy state, the water level is very high, it’s quite amazing to think it’s never been topped up with additional water.

The 2 elms trees planted in the area are both doing very well, we’ll continue to monitor and report on their progress at regular intervals.

The lack of leaves on trees and bushes has allowed us to see other items which often get overlooked, including a magnificent looking variegated holly tree in the Glade area, and a bright orange fungus too.

Potential projects considered were hedge maintenance, Ivy and bramble removal and new planting areas.

While on our mid-morning coffee break near the entrance, there were several hazel shrubs with their catkins in full flower, as well as a very inquisitive robin, looking for some crumbs!

Another exciting year is in progress!

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