Volunteer Day – Sunday 6th March 2022

A really good turnout for today’s volunteer morning, lots of new faces and interest in becoming members of the group. It’s always better when there’s some blue sky and sunshine!

A lesser celandine, a common early flowering woodland plant.

Two important tasks started today were our regular activity, bramble clearance and creating a better and safer route from the main Glade down towards the back of Seren Park.

Volunteer Jeremy clearing the fast-growing bramble.

A primrose after bramble was removed. With more light this will soon flower even more.

The bramble was threatening to drown out the bluebells and primroses in the Oak Glade. It’s still early in the year but it’s fantastic to see primroses in flower, and tree leaves staring to unfurl. The pond is fully topped with water, which is always good to see.

The pond in the Glade is now fully topped-up with rainwater.

As part of the recent volunteer morning, last Sunday (6th March) also saw a great effort to open up the woodlands behind Seren Park Gardens to allow better access to the area.

The start of a new access route to the centre of the Woodland.

A small, stepped path was started – as can be seen in the accompanying photos – which will also allow for safer tree inspections. It’s necessary that the trees in the woodland are regularly inspected for damage, especially following on from recent storms. Better future access will also make it easier for better future maintenance of the area directly north-east of the Glade area.

More path work in construction.

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