Volunteer Day – Sunday 5th August 2018

This morning’s volunteer session, not too surprising with Summer holidays in full swing, was very quiet on numbers, although we did welcome 2 new people who live in Seren Park Gardens for the first time.

The Glade’s grass was due for its annual cut. Andrew Slade and Kate Campbell did an excellent job in cutting the grass and removing weeds. The grass cuttings will form part of our newly proposed composting facility.

Unfortunately the pear and apple trees have lost nearly all fruit. Looking at what’s remaining on the trees, it looks like the local birds have been eating the crop.

Recently planted trees by a local school on The Mound area were given a good watering. The long and hot dry period has also taken its toll on our pond, which we topped up with the remaining water from the water barrel at the entrance. Plans are in place for another water barrel near the bee hives.

Usual projects of weeding were undertaken, including removal of ivy next to the path that leads to The Glade.  This year’s blackberries are in fruit (and taste delicious) but perhaps because of the very dry weather, they’re quite small.  Also in The Glade area, lots of the above butterflies were seen, does anyone know their name?

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