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Summer Picnic – Sunday 23rd June 2019

Our latest Summer Party took place in The Glade on Sunday. On Sunday lunchtime, our 2nd Picnic in the Woodland started. Committee members and volunteers came with food, drink and good conversation and appreciated the woodland without the need to do any work!

Good conversation and good food
Committee members and volunteers brought plenty of food to share
Plenty of time for a drink!
However, some of our free raspberries were just as welcome as our bought items.

Summer Party – Sunday 11th June 2017

Successful Summer Party! On Sunday 11th June, members of Westcombe Woodlands were once again invited to come along and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Chairman Tim Barnes’ home. It was an opportunity for all to enjoy refreshments and to chat among other members of achievements in the past and to discuss upcoming events and activities, all in Tim Barnes’ garden.

Woodland members chatting away

Woodland members chatting away







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