Autumn Open Day – Sunday 7th October 2018

Our early Autumn Open Day once again continued to attract many people, our list of attendees showed that around 200 people visited on the space of 3 hours, some before we officially opened at 2pm! Those of you who remember how cold the mid-Spring Open Day was were no doubt relieved that the previous day’s heavy rain didn’t continue, and a warm and dry day allowed for many visitors who hadn’t been to the woodland before to fully explore the place.

For the first time this year we had children’s story telling, with committee member Rich Sylvester held a captive audience of children and adults underneath the canopy for 30 minutes. In addition, Richard also helped out with the children in recording on small pieces of paper typical woodland items that were found and kept as a souvenir of the day.

One of our existing activities involved pond-dipping and with Nigel Duncan showing with the microscopes what fauna is in our pond.  The contents of the pond water were transferred to dishes and microscopes enabled children and adults to examine what they had found.

Continuing the success of our first, and modest, harvest of honey from our 3 bee-hives, Jeremy and Andrew (our two apiarists) were available to show curious people the hives and to inform people of the bees’ lives.

Also continuing our very well established tradition of our refreshment stall, this time it was manned by committee members Chris Bates and Ruth Cracknell, where home-made cakes were sold. By the end of the day over £60 was collected, a very generous amount which helps to buy woodland equipment and plants

Finally, for the first time, the committee have produced special Westcombe Woodlands Christmas cards.  Around 150 were sold and will be available at the future Annual General meeting, as well as the next 2 volunteer days.  Featuring a wonderful crisp, snowy morning in the woodland from a photograph taken earlier this year, these really are an excellent way to contribute, with all profits going towards woodland’s funds.

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