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Volunteer Day – Saturday 3rd December 2022

The last volunteer morning of 2022 took place yesterday. At this time of the year, very little is happening in the woodland, but 2 important events took place; the selling of our own honey (as well as honey from the Isle of Dogs farm) and checking the bird boxes. Before 1pm, we had sold several dozen jars of local honey, all stock had been sold, an amazing achievement. The other main task at this time of the year is to check, record and if necessary empty out the bird boxes. The accompanying photos show committee member Nigel Duncan carefully inspecting the boxes. The photos below show him looking at several of the boxes in the woodland, as well as a nest that was removed in one of these.

Nigel Duncan inspecting a bird box
Nigel Duncan inspecting a bird box
Nigel Duncan inspecting thw woodland’s owl box.
Inside a bird box that was used earlier this year.

The remaining photos show a very quiet time of the year in The Glade area. There wasn’t a single bee seen flying around, but as the temperature was only a few degrees above freezing, this wasn’t too surprising.

Gneral view of The Glade with our bee hives.
Holly leaves and bright red berries.

Finally, a reminder that the next volunteer morning is Sunday, the 8th of January, one week later than normal as it would have meant that our first day of the year would have been on New Year’s Day.

Honey for Sale – 3rd and 4th December from 10 to 3.

This coming weekend, Saturday 3rd December and Sunday 4th December, we will be selling our honey produced in our very own hives in the woodland on our Christmas fundraising stall in Seren Gardens car park, located next to the entrance to the train station. We will be there from 10:00 until 3:00. We will also be selling bargain wildlife books and informing people of the woodland.

Early Autumn Open Day – Saturday 1st October 2022

There were more than a few crossed fingers earlier this week as the weather forecast didn’t look too good for Saturday afternoon, but in the end, the rain stayed away, the sun popped in and out and it was unusually warm for the time of the year.   We got off to a quiet start, just a couple of visitors in the first 30 minutes, but then things got in to the usual stride and by 5 o’clock, some 70 or 80 or so people had come to visit the woodlands. 

Committee member Ruth Cracknell getting ready for the afternoon.
Committee members Ruth Cracknell and Chris Bates looking after the refreshment stand.

One of highlights is our own honey from the several beehives.  We were worried with the very hot and dry Summer a few weeks ago that this would reduce output, but in the end, our hives produced another large harvest.  On the day we sold 32 jars.  With the money from our refreshment stall, as well as 2 new members, our sales for the day was just over £300, a very impressive amount which all goes in to the maintenance of the woodland.  

Andrew Slade with this year’s honey harvest.

In the end, we still had lots of wonderful people, with a mix of regulars and first-timers.  The children had some very creative open-air time with craft making and talks, as well as the opportunity to meet members of the woodland committee and to meet neighbours too!

Children’s activities.
Children playing with committee member Rich Sylvester in the fesh air.

Fallen Tree – November 2022

Sometime last Monday or Tuesday, the 7th or 8th of November, one of the trees that’s immediately to the south of the main footpath that leads from the entrance of the woodland towards The Glade, had fallen, landing and blocking the path. 

Fallen tree covered in ivy.

As can be seen, the photo above shows just a lot of ivy, but soon after committee member Andrew Slade was in action with a saw to remove the tree.  After a bit of hard work, the tree was cleared, with the wood staying onsite so that it will return its nutrients back to the woodland.  We will be looking at planting native shrubs and trees in its place to help keep the soil from eroding.

Committee member Andrew Slade sawing the fallen tree.
Success! Andrew is well in to the task.